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Communications Task Force

August 14, 2019

PRESENT: Maria Staples, Jeni Tilton-Flood, Jamie Logan, John Portela, Maryalice Crofton, Bryan Roche

The Communications Task Force has discussed during their regularly scheduled meeting the following:

  1. Quick discussion - new business: any essential updates, news, info, or anything along those lines
  2. Coordinating any communications need for Congresswoman Chellie Pingree's visit with AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs on Aug. 27
  3. 25th anniversary celebration marketing, promotion and communication: tasks and roles
  4. Annual conference/Governor's Service Awards marketing, promotion and communication: tasks and roles
  5. Rebranding the Commission to Volunteer Maine: General information, first steps, what info should be shared at the September retreat and a chance for questions

Quick discussion/new business:

Maryalice Crofton and Maria Staples brief the group on efforts to prepare a video featuring Senior Corps members for the 25th anniversary celebration, as well as a Senior Corps-themed insert for the program. 

Rep. Pingree Visit

Maryalice Crofton opens the discussion by recognizing John Portela for his efforts to organize the visit on August 27. Maryalice then goes into the play-by-play of the day, and explains that she, Bryan Roche and MCCS staff member Michael Ashmore will be on site to handle day-of logistics.

25th anniversary celebration:

Bryan Roche provides an overview of promotional efforts that have been accomplished since the last meeting, including the creation and distribution of a print mail piece and efforts to provide the Maine Volunteer Foundation with a high-level overview of the event to assist in the Foundation's efforts to secure sponsorship.

The group was also briefed on efforts to engage Maine AmeriCorps alumni through an online survey as way to get the necessary information to invite them to the 25th anniversary celebration. While the efforts have not been overwhelmingly successful, that aspect of alumni engagement will carry on. Maryalice Crofton then explains that physical invitations will soon be in the mail and distributed to the list of alumni, Commissioners, dignitaries and other contacts that will be invited to the event.

The conversation then shifted to ongoing efforts to increase event exposure and the promotion plan going forward, which includes pitching local media -- radio, tv and newspaper -- and efforts to utilize social media platforms. 

Annual conference/Governor's Service Awards

Bryan Roche provides a quick update on promotional efforts for the Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference and accompanying Governor's Service Awards for Service and Volunteerism. The conference will take place on Oct. 15, 2019 at the University of Maine in Orono.

Bryan goes on to explain that information about the conference and awards have been included in the print mailer referenced earlier, and that press releases on both the conference and awards have been distributed to the media. Some publications, such as the Bangor Daily News, Sun Journal and Knox Courier have already published the information. 

Chair Tilton-Flood requests that any newly-published information on the Commission is shared weekly so that the Communications Taskforce can assist in distributing any new information.


Bryan Roche begins by asking members present what information Commissioners and Task Force members need regarding the rebrand overview at the annual conference. It is reiterated to Bryan, no present that a walk through, so to speak, of the nuts and bolts, process, timeline, and nook and crannies of the process of launching, promoting, implementing, and maintaining a rebrand is being requested.

Further Discussion:

John Portela shares news that he has been able to secure a $750 financial contribution from United Ways of Maine to help with costs associated to the 25th anniversary celebration


Bryan Roche would like to provide the following report on attempts to create awareness through media outreach for the month of August:

Nominations open for Governor's Service Awards:


Lincoln County News:

Sun Journal (printed in Advertiser Democrat and Livermore Falls Advertiser weeklies):

Village Soup (printed in Knox Courier-Gazette and Republican Journal):

Registration open for Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference:


BDN events section:

Sun Journal (printed in Advertiser Democrat, Penobscot Times and Livermore Falls Advertiser weeklies):

2019-20 AmeriCorps program funding:

Link to news on BDN:

"Heartbeat of Home" 25th anniversary commemorative album art contest for young Mainers:

Link to news on BDN:

Link to news on Knox Courier:

Link to news on Wiscasset Newspaper:

Link to news on Sun Journal:

Link to news on Boothbay Register:

Link to news on Penobscot Bay Press:

Link to news on Portland Press Herald: