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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

March 25, 2011

Excellence & Expertise Task Force

March 25, 2011

Present:  Drew Matlins (Chair), Meredith Eaton, Pam Zeutenhorst

Not Present:  Joel Russ

Handout:  Summary of Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) grantees

  • VGF Update – New Grantee training held Feb 24 & 25.  All VGF grantees attended.  First quarterly report due Apr 20, 2011.
  • Introduction to & role of new VISTA & Training Coordinator, Meredith Eaton.
  • Request for Qualifications development
  • Professional Development activities of Commission
  • Webinar Series - scheduled through June.  Previous webinars have been well attended.
  • Professional Development Fund – Deadline is Apr 8.  E&ETF will review applications at the April meeting.
  • AmeriCorps Member Conference – March 31, 2011 at Thomas College, Waterville.
  • New Grantees Training –  Held Feb 24 & 25 - VGF & Planning Grant staff attended the training.
  • National Service & Volunteerism Council – Formerly called the Staff Counciland comprised of AmeriCorps program staff.  New name reflects participation of all Corporation funded programs in Maine.  Next Council meeting is May 5, 2011 at noon, 19 Union St. Conf. Rm 110. 
  • Discussed strategic plan and objectives assigned to E&E. 
  • Meeting agendas to be developed on writeboard in the Group Hub. 

Next Agenda:  Review Professional Development Fund applications