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Executive Committee

January 7, 2013

PRESENT by phone: Drew Matlins, Ron Holmes, Mary-Anne LaMarre, Eileen Smart, Joan McDonald, Maryalice Crofton

The task force convened at 3pm.

There has been a five week break in Board work so the discussion was centered on task force activities and requests for time on the January 18 business meeting agenda.

It was noted that some members have already indicated they will note be attending the January meeting. Among them are Drew and Joan. Ron will chair the meeting. Colleen Smith will also not be in attendance.

Several members on the call asked that the business meeting notices be sent as MS Outlook calendar reminders so their business schedules could be easily updated. This would be in addition to the reminders that come from the hub. [Note: one was sent for the January meeting but only 8 board members indicated they will attend. Need 13 for quorum.]

Board Development: Members cannot meet before the last orientation session on January 18. As an alternative, Maryalice will annotate the agenda for New Commissioner Orientation Part 3 and assign pieces to Commissioners (Celeste and Ron). The agenda will be draft. The orientation session will be held after the business meeting, most likely from 1-2:30.

Grant Selection and Performance: Joan reported the task force had a heavy workload through December. Funding recommendations for 3 types of grants will be presented for board action. The task force will need a significant amount of time (15-20 minutes). The background materials will be posted before the meeting. Joan will arrange for another task force member to make the report in her absence.

Resource Development: Barb and Ron gave an overview of activity. Members are developing issues and possible responses using a writeboard. The task force meets Friday and may ask for a significant amount of time on the agenda to get Commissioners' advice.

Public Information and Education: No one was present; however, it was reported that the task force meets tomorrow afternoon. The only significant activity in December was a briefing meeting with Senator King and launch of planning work for the Governor's Service Awards.

Excellence and Expertise still does not have a chair. This needs to be addressed.

Service-learning: The January meeting has been cancelled. Exec discussed the degree to which it is realistic to continue this work given the lack of funding to support grants to school districts and the stress schools are under due to changes in funding.

The meeting adjourned at 4pm.