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Executive Committee

February 4, 2013

Executive Committee convened by conference call at 3pm.

Present: Joan McDonald, Eileen Smart, Maryalice Crofton, Ron Holmes, Drew Matlins, John Portela, Barb Wentworth

Drew announced the Mark Hews agreed to chair the Excellence and Expertise Task Force. That means he will also be 3joining the Exec Committee.

Legislative update and PIE. John reported the letters to legislators were distributed. Drew made a brief report about his presentation to State and Local Government Committee on January 30. The next educational activity is National Service Day at the Capitol on March 6.

Grants Task Force. Ron gave the report from the reviewers who assessed the Mayor/Governor AmeriCorps initiative. The City of Bangor partnered with Eastern Maine Community College and the college is the legal applicant. They will base the project on an evidence-based approach known as Bridges Out of Poverty. Member supervision and volunteer generation are the weaker points of the application. Overall it is a solid proposal and the task force recommends it be forwarded. The reviewers were Ron Holmes, Joel Russ, and David Wihry.

Moved by Holmes to submit the Mayor/Governor AmeriCorps proposal to CNCS. Second by Portela. Roll call vote: Holmes, Portela, Matlins in favor. McDonald, Smart abstained. Wentworth was not present at time of vote.

April Mayors' Recognition of National Service. Eileen reported that Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, and Waterville are confirmed. Cities and towns still have an opportunity to participate. CNCS in Washington is organizing the materials and proclamation template. Any new participants should connect with Eileen.

Everyone was reminded there will not be a February business meeting.

There being no additional business, Executive Committee adjourned at 3:30 pm