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Executive Committee

April 3, 2017

PRESENT: Celeste Branham, Barb Wentworth, David Wihry, John Portela, Ron Holmes, Maryalice Crofton

Executive Committee convened by teleconference for a work session at 3 pm.

* Ups and downs of national budget picture  
The situation continues to be fluid and ASC, especially its public policy committee, are tracking very closely. ASC did two budget briefings for Commissions in the last three weeks. CNCS has been directed to halt all grant making activities including awards for the balance of FY2017 grants. On the Hill, the expectation is there will be a short CR after recess to add one more week for negotiations and then final action on FY2017 will be in May.

*Prep for meeting Friday with Bob Wright  
As requested, Maryalice sent Mr. Wright a description of Executive Committee’s highest interests. He will come prepared to have a conversation with a bit of formal presentation. David will lead the meeting for Exec. Barb has to join virtually because of her schedule.

*11 new appointees to Commission and orientation  
Aaron Chadbourne on the Governor’s staff informed John that his office is proposing ten appointments to the Commission. Beth Lambert’s selection as the Dept. of Education designee was already known. Executive Committee discussed the timing for orientation which totals about eight hours. The schedule likely needs to be reworked since there will only be two months before summer break. Celeste and Maryalice will meet to go over the material and propose a schedule. Another point of discussion was integrating all the new members into task forces. John would like to make task force assignments on April 21 so they can connect immediately.

*Report from John’s meeting with Nancy Marshall  
On March 28 John and Maryalice met with Nancy Marshall of Marshall Communications. Nicki Pellenz had recommended her based on the work she did with JMG. The firm’s nonprofit rate is $30,000 which is way out of MCCS budget and they do not do pro bono work. Some very useful information did come from the meeting. If MCCS were to work with a graduate student, the university programs recommended were University of New Haven, Syracuse, and Emerson.

*Agenda for April and task force meetings  
There will be a lot happening at the April meeting: swearing in new Commissioners, honoring National Service program staff, E&E update on Service Enterprise, in addition to usual business.