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Executive Committee

September 11, 2017


PRESENT: David Wihry, Maryalice Crofton, John Portela, Celeste Branham

The meeting convened by teleconference at 3:05 pm.


Executive Committee meeting dates.   
Members agreed to keep the monthly meeting on the first Monday at 3pm. The first holiday to interfere is Jan 1, 2018. The decision is to have the meeting on January 2.

Update on strategic planning, timeline, and discussion with consultant.  
Bob Wright (Panta Rei) forwarded an updated overview of the process, timeline, recommendations for planning team, and potential meeting dates. Executive Committee members reviewed everything in advance of the board meeting Friday. There was discussion of potential members from the Commission and the external friends/partners. The Maine Volunteer Foundation board representative will be Patti Foden. John will reach out to the Commissioners mentioned and Maryalice was asked to contact the friends/partners. John noted the first set of dates is problematic because he is out of state for both. Maryalice will contact Wright for other options.

Chair candidates for Excellence and Expertise, Public Information and Education  
John will contact the people he has in mind. His goal is to announce leadership at the Sept 15 meeting.

While on the topic of task force service, Maryalice relayed requests for changes from Commissioners. In particular, Diane Dickerson has asked to move to Grants.

Organizing recommendations for appointments.  
Materials for applications will go out to the four people who would like to be reappointed. Barbara Wentworth is not seeking reappointment but is looking for a successor. That leaves three seats needing candidates:

  • Seat 13: Representative of a Community Based Agency or Organization (1 year to complete unexpired term)
  • Seat 16: Representative of out-of-school or at-risk youth
  • Seat 11: A representative of the State's volunteer community

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 3:49 pm.