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Executive Committee

November 6, 2018

PRESENT: Celeste Branham, Ed Barrett, Jamie Logan, Libby Hite, Maryalice Crofton

The committee convened by teleconference at 3pm. 

Commission Support Grant budget review – there was a short discussion about modifying the format of the budget document so Commissioners could see year-over-year. An explanation of the columns is needed. Maryalice will edit the document and distribute before the meeting so members have a chance to dig into the detail if they wish. 

MCCS transition package – The Commission will be represented in the transition briefing book that the Dept of Education is preparing. Executive Committee members agreed there should be a free-standing Commission transition package that board members can use. Elements were discussed and particular emphasis placed on using the new identity statement along with examples of the grant projects funded.

Task force status updates – Ed reported that Grants is working to recruit more members. Otherwise, they are in a hold pattern, waiting for the submission deadline of November 30.

Public Information: Jamie is meeting with Maryalice to get caught up on activities and will schedule a meeting shortly after.

Maine Service Fellows: Libby reported she also is organizing a first meeting. In addition to Commission members, there is a member of the MVF board who will serve. Maryalice will send Libby the materials collected from the MA commission on their program. Joel Russ also has materials from Island Fellows in Rockland.

Others: Maryalice reported that David Burns is organizing first meeting of Financial Oversight. The 25th anniversary group will kick off in December. Celeste noted that Excellence and Expertise needs a name change plus members.

Revisions to Friday agenda – A draft agenda had to be posted. Members discussed whether there should be changes in items (additions, deletions, timing). The Commission Support Grant budget is the only essential action item on the agenda. The other important issues are detailed briefings from the schedule set after the retreat. It was noted that the quorum poll results reveal that the loss of one more person drops the group below quorum. Executive Committee decided to post a notice it will meet at the same time to handle the 2019 budget. If the quorum count holds, Exec can cancel its meeting. If there won’t be a quorum, the board meeting can be cancelled and Exec will act on behalf of the board.

Commission Support Grant budget review – the members returned to the proposed budget for a closer look. Maryalice highlighted some changes: increased personnel due to plan to fill the vacant Senior Planner at 60% as of July 1 next year; increase in state charges for basic technology; decrease in Dept of Education indirect rate. Celeste asked if there were undesignated funds that task forces like public information could use. Maryalice explained that, to free up funds for something unplanned, something else would need to be dropped or underwriting from external sources obtained.

National Volunteering Data – Maryalice informed members that the report on volunteering is back after a hiatus at the national level. CNCS is holding a briefing for states tomorrow and will likely share embargoed previews. More to come.

There being no other items to discuss, the meeting ended at 4:05 pm.