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Executive Committee

July 17, 2019

PRESENT: Celeste Branham, Ed Barrett, Libby Hite, David Burns, John Portela, Jeni Tilton-Flood, Maryalice Crofton 

The regular work session for the Executive Committee took place by teleconference. The members convened at 3:02 pm. 

EXPIRING TERMS AND REAPPOINTMENTS. There are two Commissioners whose terms expire on September 1: Jenifer Tilton-Flood and David Burns. Discussion focused on the best way to connect reappointments to the current set of recommended candidates being processed by the Governor’s Office. It was decided the chair would contact each person directly and determine their desire to continue. If they would like reappointment, every effort would be made to submit in the next few weeks. 

RETREAT PLANNING. The feedback from Commissioners had been circulated. Nicki is unable to chair the planning group so Celeste requested that the Exec Committee take on the task. To start the process, Celeste will meet with Maryalice next week and draft up an outline for Executive Committee to refine. There are some themes in the Commission feedback that are good starting points for the outline. 

COMMISSIONER INVOLVEMENT IN 25TH ANNIVERSARY. Commissioners will be asked to take on a specific role that evening. Maryalice will work with Bryan to get a complete outline of tasks and responsibilities. Celeste will then ask each Commissioner to take a particular job that night. The gala is shaping up to be quite an event. Celeste, John, and Maryalice meet next week to start outlining a detailed script for the evening. 

MAINE VOLUNTEER FOUNDATION SUPPORT PLAN. The general funds include money to support a 24 hr/wk intern. When the Maine Service Fellows is up and running, the person will help support the team of Fellows and assist with program administration. During this first year, however, the position can help the Foundation and the Service Fellow Task Force with all the planning, resource identification, and preparations. A job description was approved by the Foundation on Friday and Bryan is distributing it to higher ed institutions in the state. In addition to the student intern, 40% of the Communications Officer position is dedicated to supporting the Foundation until it is able to afford staff. Then his attention will turn to recruiting Fellows, making the public aware of their work, etc. Together, the support this year should move the goals of the Foundation along faster. 

FORMULA AMERICORPS APPLICATIONS. Members asked for an update on the AmeriCorps Formula grants for the coming year. In particular, they were interested in the status of Axiom’s program and MSAD 70. It was reported there is little change at the moment. The package was submitted to CNCS on June 28. The award has not been made. Axiom’s leader is on vacation so there is no word about the other federal grant. On the other hand, MSAD 70 has identified a specific person to be the program director and she will attend the new grantee training that starts Friday, July 19. 

There being no other discussion items, the members dispersed at 3:51 pm.