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Grant Selection and Performance

February 10, 2012

February 2012 Minutes Grant Selection & Performance Task Force

February 7, 2012

Members Present:  Joan McDonald, Celeste Branham

Others Present: Staff: Michael Ashmore; Guests: Heather Stott & Joely Ross of GoodWill Industries

Review of process for offering Commission feedback on National Direct applicants intending to place members in Maine

MA reviewed process and policy for the provision of Commission Input on National Directs applying to the Corporation and intending to place members in the state of Maine.  By Commission policy, “National Direct applicants that seek Commission endorsement (prior to application as is required) will receive endorsement if they address one or more Commission priorities.  Those that address federal priorities other than Commission’s will receive a neutral recommendation.  Applicants addressing neither set of priorities would not be supported for funding.  Any that do not seek endorsement will not be supported”

Info regarding National Direct Applicants who plan to operate in Maine; and development of Commission Recommendations

Each submitted National Direct Consultation Form was reviewed and Commission Members made recommendations based on the established policy.  The results were as follows:

  • The College of New Jersey, National Bonner AmeriCorps Program – Decision: SUPPORT
  • The Corps Network, EAP program – Decision: NEUTRAL
  • Goodwill Industries of Northern New England; Stateside Service Corps– Decision: NEUTRAL
  • Goodwill Industries of Northern New England; Great Strides Rural Education Corps – Decision: SUPPORT
  • Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP), SAFE – Serving America’s Farmworkers Everywhere – Decision: NEUTRAL
  • Points of Light/ HandsOn Network, HandsOn Corps – Decision: NEUTRAL
  • Habitat for Humanity International, Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps – Decision: NEUTRAL
  • National Association of Community Health Centers, Community HealthCorps – Decision: NEUTRAL
  • Student Conservation Assoc, Inc, Veterans Green Corps AmeriCorps – Decision: NEUTRAL

The Corporation had not yet posted the list of National Directs in eGrants so the Task Force was unable to determine which, if any, programs failed to submit consultation forms.  They recommended that, by policy, any on the list without submitted forms would not be supported


Policy review - transition from Formula to Competitive status, the 9 year rule and implications for upcoming round of formula applicants

MA reviewed the request for clarification from Goodwill Industries regarding their eligibility to submit a formula application.  Goodwill is currently sponsoring Community Resource Corps, which has been a formula operating program for the maximum nine years.  Commission policy is that sponsoring agencies that have been running programs must move to the competitive applicant pool when they recompete after nine years.  Goodwill took over the grant from Training Resource Center in year four of the program.  Because Goodwill has not been the sponsoring agency for the nine years, they are asking for determination on eligibility.


The Task Force asked that the question be forwarded to the State Division of Purchases for an opinion, and if necessary to the Attorney General’s office.


Other Topics


The Task Force was appraised of the option to open an additional RFP for Fixed Price Grants.  Members were in consensus that it should be opened and that the due dates for current competitions be changed , if necessary, to accommodate the new RFP.