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Grant Selection and Performance

February 10, 2017

Grant Selection and Performance
February 8, 2017
Grant Selection and Performance Task Force Minutes 02-08-17
Present: Ed Barrett, Nicole Pellenz, David Wihry
Staff: Pelin Fitzpatrick
Minutes: 39
Meeting convened at 10:05 AM
1. National Direct Applications - PF explained that the federal agency CNCS requires the State Commissions’ input for organizations to request funding through the National Direct Application process and summarized the process. GTF will select “Support”, “Neutral”, or “Do not Support” for each Legal Applicant based on input from MCCS on whether or not MCCS has been consulted for application. The recommendation is “Do not Support” if the organization did not consult MCCS; “Neutral” if MCCS state priorities as stated in the strategic plan were not addressed; “Support” if state priorities were addressed in the required consultation form. MCCS is in the process of collecting the applications to be submitted to CNCS. The applications have been received for Catholic Charities, The Corps Network and Student Conservation Association.

2. Medical Care Development (MCD), one of the Formula Programs has decided not to request continuation funding for the 2017-18 AmeriCorps program year. The Director position that was vacated by Kate Perkins is assigned to the HR Manager Barbara Miles.

3. In order to use the remaining unallocated MCD Funds for an estimated amount of $200K, MCCS plans to run a “Maine Rural AmeriCorps Grant Competition” with a smaller scale of 2-5 full-time AmeriCorps members. The GTF needs to decide if the funds should be awarded for 1, 2 or 3 years.  PF will send a follow-up email summarizing the pros and cons of each option. Option 2 – 2-year funding was recommended by MCCS when GTF asked PF which option is preferred by staff as the 2 year programs attract more applicants; give the programs more time to develop and grow while building increased capacity for Service Enterprise.

4. MCCS would like to update the “AmeriCorps Specific Grant Making Policies” document prior to the new competition and needs to get GTF approval on the suggested changes.  There will be four proposed changes that will be emailed to the GTF members in the coming weeks. The current policies had been emailed to GTF prior to the meeting.

5. PF mentioned that the Program Quarterly Report Summaries will be ready the following week as the programs were given extra time to submit their quarterly reports due to the delayed receipt of “How-to-use the New OnCorps Platform” instructions.

Meeting adjourned at 10:44 AM.