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Grant Selection and Performance

December 7, 2018

Task force members convened by teleconference at 8:30 am. 

PRESENT: Ed Barrett, Joe Schmidt, Jonathan Barczyk, Jared McCannell, Maryalice Crofton 

The primary goal for this meeting is to organize the timeline and work for AmeriCorps competitions underway. Ed Barrett announced that David Burns has agreed to participate in the technical review so there will be at least five Commissioners to work on the tasks. It was noted that the Requests for Proposals are posted on the Commission grants page so members can pull down the one related to their review work now.

There are 3 different reviews to handle before the next Commission meeting January 18: 
-- Competitive Continuations due mid-Jan to CNCS 
-- New AmeriCorps Formula proposals for award decision 
-- New AmeriCorps Competitive proposals for decision about forwarding to national competition

To allow sufficient time for members to complete all the work, the January Grant Task Force meeting was moved from January 4 to Monday, January 14.  

All task force members will review the Continuation applications. There are 3 to consider but 2 are pro-forma reviews since the grantees are barely underway. Jared will provide everyone with the materials via this platform. Staff will develop a webform to capture Commissioner comments since the full task force won't meet until Jan 14. Capturing comments early will help everyone remember any issues or concerns.  

Grants Task Force members will subdivide into 2 panels and each will take one of the new competitions.

Maine Rural State AmeriCorps -- Ed Barrett, David Burns  
There are 4 new applications under consideration by peer reviewers. They will complete their work on 1/14. 

12/21    Ed and Dave will start their work . The process will be outlined on a writeboard on the hub 
1/7/19  Complete initial assessments
1/8/19  Consensus scoring web meeting to determine final status. Score from this tech review panel is added to the peer review panel for  final score. 
Jan 14th at 8am   Rural tech reviewers present work to full task force in public meeting.

AmeriCorps State Competitive -- Joe Schmidt, Jonathan Barczyk  
Expecting 2 submissions on Dec 11. Peer reviewers complete their work on 12/21.  
12/27   Joe and Jonathan can start work. Process will be outlined on writeboard on hub.  
1/7/19  Complete initial assessments  
1/8/19   Consensus scoring web meeting (different time than rural)  
Jan 14th at 8am Competitive panel presents work to other task force members in public meeting

Unallocated Formula funds.
There are new applications but the total request, if all are selected for funding, will leave $150K on the table. Commissioners present decided that existing Formula grantees with strong performance should be offered the opportunity to request one time supplemental funds. The monies will be needed next year to fund programs developed this year under planning grants.

There being no other items to discuss the meeting ended at 9:23 am.