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Grant Selection and Performance

April 13, 2018

Grant Selection and Performance Task Force

April 13, 2018

Present: David Wihry, Ed Barrett, Beth Lambert, Laurel Bernier

The task force met by phone conference and convened at 8:30 am. 


1.       1,200 Hour Member Option:  CNCS recently launched the 1,200-hour “reduced full time” member position, available for 2018-2019. This was created largely for members who attend or work at school, so they can be more likely to fulfill their hours if they don’t work in the summer.

2.       Member SSN & Citizenship Eligibility Verifications: Programs are continuing to submit documentation to CNCS/the National Service Trust, since they discovered a large number of members whose eligibility to serve was not verified in their online Portal. The education awards of these members who have exited were put on hold, and as of Monday, 4/10 there were still 45 on hold. This does not include members who are currently serving, since they don’t yet have an ed award. Laurel will be following up with programs individually to check on their progress. CNCS now has a secure online option for submitting documentation, and a new fax number that should better handle the volume of submissions.

3.       EMDC Northern Maine AmeriCorps Collaborative: Michael has been providing technical assistance, and site agreements are now in place. They have 2 members who are ready to enroll, once the program finishes setting up their background check process.

4.       2018 Spring AmeriCorps Grant Calendar: See schedule attached to email with minutes.

  • May 3: Proposal submission deadline for Rural State, Standard, & Continuations
  • May 4: GTF public meeting, 8:30am via phone
  • June 8: GTF public meeting, 8:30am via phone

5.       Upcoming Reports: Programs’ quarterly GPRs due 4/20, Commission’s mid-year report to CNCS due 4/31. Member & staff record monitoring visits starting soon.

6.       Looking for Observers: In need of an observer to sit in on Peer Reviewer Consensus Calls. If interested, contact Maryalice.

7.       Rural State Continuations:

  • Instructions are out   
  • Full MSY cost with stipend increase, instead of using last year’s calculations
  • The Task Force authorized a 2-year grant. Should we consider changing it to 3 years, so grantees have more time to build their programs? We will discuss at our next Task Force meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50am.