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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

January 15, 2015

Monthly Work Session Notes

Jan 8, 2015 via teleconference 4:00-5:10 p.m.

Participating in work session:  Mark Hews (Chair), Richard Higgins, Janice Daku, and Pam Zeutenhorst (staff).

Guests:  None

Task Force members not participating:  Bonnie Bagley, Eileen Smart, and Gordon Liu.

Review of tasks from strategic plan assigned to E&E.  Recommendations to reassign the following:

  • Develop resources to launch at least 3 new volunteer connector organizations. (Objective 1A2) Move to Resource Development Task Force
  • Develop and pilot a Maine volunteer coordination program to provide leaders in rural areas who can participate in community problem solving activities and foster engagement of volunteers in municipal as well as educational and nonprofit service. (Objective 1A4)
  • Identify and replicate national models (Franklin Project, state task forces on expanding citizen service) that suit Maine as ways to expand intensive service by citizens in rural areas (non-CNCS programs). (Objective 1B3)
  • Broaden the purpose of the Blaine House Conference on Service and Volunteerism from needs of novice volunteer administrators to also meet the needs of intermediate and advanced managers of volunteers. (Objective 1D1e) Remain with Blaine House Planning Committee
  • Through the Blaine House Conference on Service and Volunteerism, provide access to regional and national experts, emerging models for service, and new research or effective practices for community and volunteer service. (Objective 1D1f) Remain with Blaine House Planning Committee
  • Expand capacity in at least two additional regions of the state as well as the Commission to fulfill volunteer management emergency response and recovery obligations during local and state emergencies. (Objective 1E2)


Task Force Structure - Discussion regarding involving public in different aspects of the task force's work such as Service Enterprise Initiative.  Topic for February meeting to expand structure of E& E task force to include others interested in the Service Enterprise Initiative in Maine.


Next E&E Task Force Meeting: February 5 @ 3:30-5:00 via webinar

February Agenda

  • Discussion of structure of E&E Task Force


The following organizations have staff that are certified as Service Enterprise trainers or are designated as a Service Enterprise Hub by Points of Light:  United Way of York County, United Way of Greater Portland, United Way of Tri Valley Area, United Way of Eastern Maine, MaineGeneral RSVP, and UMaine Center on Aging RSVP