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retired-Excellence and Expertise Task Force

June 8, 2017

Regular Meeting

Commissioners Present: Elizabeth Hite, Melik Khoury, Lisa Laflin, Nicole Pellenz, Robert Liscord, Barbara Wentworth, Joe Young

Other members: Nichole Ernest

Absent: Janice Daku, Sean Ingram, Coleman Lapointe,

Staff: Michael Ashmore




Notes: The last item on the agenda was taken first for convenience.

There was a brief round of introductions as new members were present.

Update on SE Video testimonial

  • LL shared the steps she has taken to create a short video testimonial on the utility and value of Service Enterprise. One of UWTV’s trainees has agreed to provide a testimonial to the value they have found in SE.  The local cable access channel staff has agreed, with support from the Commission, to create and edit the video which will be formatted for use as a PSA or stand alone.   Commission was able to use program development funding left unused by a contractor on a different project

Review of rack card drafts

  • The entire group carefully reviewed the Training outreach rack card design and shared a variety of edits to consider and some overall thoughts on the design and the manner of use for the cards MK, in particular, shared how Unity College has used mailings and print materials to drive individuals to dedicated websites, which has proven highly successful.  All members participated in the discussion

Update on VGF grant submission model

  • Deadline for applications is July 6. Notice of intent was filed prior to the deadline of June 6.

MA briefly described the intended model.  For this application the Commission, based on input from various stakeholders, is looking at three key state-wide needs to target for small grant support, Aging in place, Food security and Transportation.  The plan would be to issue grants of approximately $25,000 to a number of agencies in one or more of these impact areas with the goal of increasing volunteerism (a required outcome) to reduce the need.  The agencies would committee to Service Enterprise training so the Commission can meet the required outcome of improving volunteer management capacity in target agencies.  Grantees would be required to match at least one to one and additional match would be raised through a volunteerism public outreach campaign with the Assoc. of Broadcasters to cover the match needed for staffing to manage the grants.

Blaine House Conference planning and how E&E can support this work

  • NE shared the progress the planning committee has made. She included an appeal for additional sponsors and asked committee members to reach out to their networks.  One of last year’s funders is continuing but at a much lower rate.  She also noted that the push for presenters is now largely centered on in-state presenters, as a number of key out-of-state presenters have been recruited and conformed at this point.

MA noted that the Volunteer Maine site has been down for most of a week which could impact the requests for presenters.  NE said the committee has not extended the deadline for submissions at this time.  A constant contact blast and emails to the planning committee members sharing the direct link to the RFP were sent out to address the challenge.

PIE liaison updates

  • No liaison update. MA noted that the grantee sponsored AmeriCorps television PSA has been released.

Summer Schedule options

  • MA noted the dates of the upcoming summer meetings